The Soul Of Rustic Design

Almost anything can be rustic: a home, furniture, clothing and even shoes. Rustic is country, cottage, wild gardens, earth, natural fabrics, leather, wood and poles. It is not gaudy, plastic, chrome, mass-made or stainless steel.

Rustic doesn’t mean ramshackle or badly made. The sometimes simplistic designs are partly deliberate and partly involuntary the designer’s make-up prevents them from creating differently.

If you are a rustic person, you will understand the intangible aspects of a rustically designed item. There are thousands of alleged “rustic” products available: products that use the title and promise the design but fall short on delivery. The look, feel, smell and aesthetics don’t match the title. There is no sense of the piece having a part of its maker imbued in it a quality that cannot be polished, scrubbed or sandpapered out of it.

Rustic things are made by rustic people, not by machines. If you know about rustic people, you’ll have no difficulty in identifying their designs. They are calm people with peace in their eyes even in crowded places. They smell of the woods, of leather and cotton and wet petals. Children are naturally drawn to them. If you are always busy, always frenetic, you will miss them. You have to be still a while and quietly observant. Rustic is muted.

Such people prefer rainy days, walking in the forest and cooking with fresh herbs. They see the hidden magic in a garden that ordinary people can’t.

Rustic pieces stand out. Even in a crowded mall there is something peaceful about them. It may be a bed, a flower barrel or a skirt but there will be an indelible part the maker in it – that is part of its beauty.

There are no reasons for buying rustic except for kindred spirits, for understanding, for feeling. Heirlooms are rustic; they pass down well. If you want the experience, you will have to seek it out. Rescuing a rustic piece from a mall has its rewards but the true experience is watching the creation.

You may visit websites with the names bentwood-, briar-, pioneer- and Mayflower- .com, but unless you spend time with the smell of the wood shavings on the barn floor, the sound of clay being sucked from the earth, and the gentle faces, you won’t find rustic and your soul will be lonely.

How To Get Great Home Interior Design Ideas

If you like the idea of coming up with your own home Interior design, you are not alone. Lots of folks these days are planning out and then executing their own interior designs. But how do you come up with great home interior design ideas? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Probably one of the easiest ways to get home decoration ideas is to simply watch television these days. There are several shows that are dedicated to the subject of completely redesigning an entire house room by room. The biggest problem with watching these television shows is having something in front of you as documentation. So a couple of ideas that may help out is to have a pencil and paper available to take notes as you go, and also to record the program for viewing later on.

Even though you may get some great home interior design ideas from these television shows, ask yourself whether or not they will fit well in your particular home. Just because they look great on television in someone else’s home does not mean that it will fit in well in your home. So try to visualize the whole project from beginning to end in your house. And plan, plan, plan. By taking extra precaution in the planning stages, you can ensure a more problem free application.

However, television is not the only source for home decoration information and ideas on Interior design. There are several great books on the subject that are able to help designers of almost any background and experience level. The advantage of books is that the documentation is already done for you. It usually has a very well thought out plan for implementing any kind of home interior design on its pages. And usually you’ll be able to have more than enough photos and pictures to help get a good mental picture of the process as it goes.

Another way to get excellent ideas for interior design is to look through magazines on the subject. There is no shortage of magazines that are devoted to home decoration and interior design. Believe it or not, even many professional interior designers collect large quantities of magazine articles and pictures and store them in a way that will help them have a larger pool of ideas to draw from in the future. Not being a professional yourself, it may be a good idea to start your own scrapbook of home interior design articles and photos that you can separate according to a specific theme or room type. Sometimes, the best decoration ideas are a combination of things that are brought together from several different sources to form a unique, one-of-a-kind design.

As you become more comfortable with your own level of creativity, you will be able to combine aspects of one design with another more adeptly. However, as you start out it may be best to stick to the overall themes and suggestions given in the magazine for achieving the look that is desired.

If you begin right away to assemble this archive of home interior design ideas, it won’t take long for you to have a really sizable reference guide to help you come up with almost any idea that you could ever need.

So as you can see, gathering information and ideas from several different sources and compiling them all together in an easily researched form can be one of the best ways for you to get great home interior design ideas quickly and easily.

A New Look At Country Style Home Decor

Country style home decor has been a fixture in American culture for centuries. At times, it has been the popular, current look of the American home, which is where the style originated, while more recently it has tended to be used as a more vintage, reminiscent style than a look which is up to date, so to speak. That certainly does not have to be the case, however. With a few small and simple changes, country style home decor can be brought into the twenty-first century.

The great challenge of updating country style home decor is making the necessary changes in such a way that it leaves the basics in tact. After all, if you change the values and principles that are at the core of the country style, then you cannot truly call the result country at all. This is not to say that there is no variety within the country style. In fact, there are an amazing number of different subsets of the country decor, from the basic, frontier image of rustic country to the refined and elegant atmosphere of French country. Understanding these differences is the key to finding the right balance of changes and similarities to update your country look.

Take, for instance, the traditional American country decor. This is probably the best thing to use as a base line of country style home decor. The style is characterized by simplicity, in both the over all design of the objects in the decor, and in the function of everything. Usually, color schemes are light, very often based in a white tone, or sometimes a pale cream or beige. Often, there are some natural elements involved in the decor, such as flowers (or, more often, floral prints.) Compare this to a few other country styles, such as the rustic style. Rustic decor is, indeed, simplistic in form and function. In fact, it is much more so simplistic than the traditional American style. Similarly, the presence of natural elements is much more pronounced in the rustic style, as essentially every piece of furniture in made from wood, most of which is unfinished. However, the coloration in the rustic style is generally quite a bit darker

You can easily adapt your country style home decor by working with different levels of thee three principals. Adding more natural elements with give your decor a more earthy, rustic look. Similarly, more simplicity will make it look more old-fashioned. So, if you want to give your country decor a bit of an update, an excellent method would be to make things a bit more complex and a bit less natural. This does not mean to cut nature altogether or over complicate your decor, by any means, but you should make your natural references a bit less obvious. For instance, work with stone rather than wood or flowers as your basic natural material, such as granite counter tops and the like. Also, try working in a few elements that one normally would not find in a traditional country style home decor.

A Beautiful Home Need Not Cost A Pretty Penny

Most everyone loves to come home to a warm and cozy house at the end of the day but often the beautiful home we envision in our minds is not feasible through our pocketbooks. Does that mean our homes can’t be beautiful? Not at all, we just need to use a little more creativity and do a little more homework to get the finished product we can be proud to call home.

When working on a tight budget, the one thing that will give you the most “bang for your buck” is paint. In an instant, paint will add color, personality, and life to any room. It’s cheap, easy to apply and will actually change the feelings” of a room’s occupants.

When choosing a paint color, be sure to take into consideration, not only the colors of items that will be staying in the room, but also consider what kind of mood you want to set. Do you want warm cozy colors or fresh, light colors? Color will influence the atmosphere so much that it will impact the mood and emotion taken on by the people who spend time in the room. For example, red is often used in kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants because it piques the appetite. Doing a little research on the internet can help you pick colors and color combos that will work in the room you are decorating.

The next thing that will totally change a room’s appearance without spending any money is to change the arrangement of the furniture. Some rooms will lend themselves to multiple arrangements, others will not. Just be sure to consider the functionality of the furniture placement. Simple things like, being sure every sitting area has a table to set a drink on, or being able to move freely through the room are of major importance to ensure the room is comfortable.

Making a change to the floor or windows will have major impact to a room. Adding an area rug to a room or changing the curtains could be all a room needs to give it the designer look” you want. Remember, these items can be really expensive. Consider checking out garage sales and thrift stores because with a little patience, you may find just what you want without spending much money. Also be aware that these items go on sale and clearance, again, patience could help you save a lot of money. Either way, new or gently used, be sure to watch for good quality and shop around for pricing as where you purchase could make a huge difference in the cost.

The last thing that can really add personality to a room without much cost is adding accessories. Pretty pillows can add a much needed punch” of color. Vases, candles, picture frames and nick nacks can add sparkle. Art for the walls is a must but doesn’t have to be expensive. Pick up old wall art from thrift stores and use the frames for your own art pieces. These frames can be painted, refinished or used as is” and can make an art piece you painted look like an expensive original. Just be creative.

As you can see, there are many ways to add life and beauty to the living spaces in your home without spending a lot of money. Do a little homework, put on your creative thinking-cap”, use a little patience and get started turning your home into the beautiful and cozy place you’ve always envisioned.