A Beautiful Home Need Not Cost A Pretty Penny

Most everyone loves to come home to a warm and cozy house at the end of the day but often the beautiful home we envision in our minds is not feasible through our pocketbooks. Does that mean our homes can’t be beautiful? Not at all, we just need to use a little more creativity and do a little more homework to get the finished product we can be proud to call home.

When working on a tight budget, the one thing that will give you the most “bang for your buck” is paint. In an instant, paint will add color, personality, and life to any room. It’s cheap, easy to apply and will actually change the feelings” of a room’s occupants.

When choosing a paint color, be sure to take into consideration, not only the colors of items that will be staying in the room, but also consider what kind of mood you want to set. Do you want warm cozy colors or fresh, light colors? Color will influence the atmosphere so much that it will impact the mood and emotion taken on by the people who spend time in the room. For example, red is often used in kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants because it piques the appetite. Doing a little research on the internet can help you pick colors and color combos that will work in the room you are decorating.

The next thing that will totally change a room’s appearance without spending any money is to change the arrangement of the furniture. Some rooms will lend themselves to multiple arrangements, others will not. Just be sure to consider the functionality of the furniture placement. Simple things like, being sure every sitting area has a table to set a drink on, or being able to move freely through the room are of major importance to ensure the room is comfortable.

Making a change to the floor or windows will have major impact to a room. Adding an area rug to a room or changing the curtains could be all a room needs to give it the designer look” you want. Remember, these items can be really expensive. Consider checking out garage sales and thrift stores because with a little patience, you may find just what you want without spending much money. Also be aware that these items go on sale and clearance, again, patience could help you save a lot of money. Either way, new or gently used, be sure to watch for good quality and shop around for pricing as where you purchase could make a huge difference in the cost.

The last thing that can really add personality to a room without much cost is adding accessories. Pretty pillows can add a much needed punch” of color. Vases, candles, picture frames and nick nacks can add sparkle. Art for the walls is a must but doesn’t have to be expensive. Pick up old wall art from thrift stores and use the frames for your own art pieces. These frames can be painted, refinished or used as is” and can make an art piece you painted look like an expensive original. Just be creative.

As you can see, there are many ways to add life and beauty to the living spaces in your home without spending a lot of money. Do a little homework, put on your creative thinking-cap”, use a little patience and get started turning your home into the beautiful and cozy place you’ve always envisioned.

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